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Vinny Cha$e

Me: Alright so first off tell the people your name and where you’re from

Vinny: Vinny Chase from Harlem New York

Me: Ok so the name Vinny Cha$e is it safe to assume your name comes from the fictional Entourage character Vincent Chase?

Vinny: I mean the name is similar naw mean but its not like I’m trying to put a spin on the character or nothing like that

Me: Ok and I understand before The Plaza and Survival Of The Swag you were doing a lot of behind the scenes camera work for like Juelz Santana, Camron, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne

Vinny: Yea I was doing that way before I started doing music that's actually how I got in the game I got in the game from doing stuff like that with Juelz Cam Jim like anybody you can name Chris Brown I was on tour with these dudes doing all they music videos and stuff like that and naw mean I just parlayed it from that into designing clothes now here I am with this music

Me: What made you transition and want to put a twist on it and have your own sound come out?

Vinny: Fuckin damn (distracted as group of girls pass through hotel lobby) my bad what made me want to put my own twist on what?

Me: Like Instead of being behind the scenes with the camera what made you want to be in front of the camera with your own songs?

Vinny: Ok I see what you saying I mean really cause I felt like naw mean I came up under like people that was in the game so I saw how Juelz operated and shit like that so I just feel like me and my dudes got something to offer naw mean like me and my niggas bring like a different type of aesthetic to the game naw mean I feel like nobody is shooting like how we shooting and that's just how we living naw mean

Me: It’s very safe to say no ones doing some of the stuff your doing I see you guys are very sample friendly and you guys found a lot of old news clips and a lot of high end fashion references is it safe to call yourself a luxury rapper? Or what kind of stamp do you put on it?

Vinny: Yea definitely I would definitely say luxury rap is within the lanes were doing it, but its not all about that naw mean were trying to paint a complete picture of life in general not just the luxury side you naw mean it's just the ill side naw mean where we do it just partying we try to paint the whole picture of youth in New York City naw mean I’m just a young cat

Me: And so I’ve seen that you've been embraced by Jeremy Scott on twitter I saw you had Marc Jacobs in the Urban Outfitters video I’ve seen you with Taz Arnold what do those types of high end fashion references those people embracing you what does that mean to you?

Vinny: I mean honestly it means a lot you know what I mean because those are people who you just mentioned who are people that are real real real deep in this game of fashion you know what I mean so to have their approval of it naw mean it just makes me just all the more confident naw mean I’m just mad grateful that niggas like Marc Jacobs and Jeremy Scott and naw mean Taz Arnold people like that can really fuck with me too naw mean I’m pretty happy about that

Me: And in that Urban Outfitters video we saw you hop out the Maserati and embrace Marc Jacobs I mean it seemed so subtle and casual was that something that was planned or that just kinda happened?

Vinny: Yea naw we put that together naw mean I knew personally that naw mean Marc Jacobs never did no music videos whether it be pop or rap you naw mean so I just wanted to be the first person on the planet to do it naw mean so I was pretty happy about that

Me: And with that Urban Outfitters song I know that's produced by Lex Luger he has a very I wanna say like trap music sound so it was interesting how you approached that beat

Vinny: Cause I like that shit and I cant lie naw mean my homie Soulja Boy like he put me on to that shit and I was just like I was fuckin with it so hard that like I just felt like I had to do something naw mean on it I don't really classify shit like down south or west coast sound I’m just like fuck it naw mean if I want to do it I’m doing that shit I don't care if its west coast quote unquote or naw mean or south if that shits hot its hot naw mean that's how I look at it

Me: Exactly so going back to Soulja Boy I know you worked with Soulja Boy, Theophilus London, a couple of other people in the game is there anyone else that you want to work with?

Vinny: Yea I mean I wanna work with everybody naw mean I’m not biased naw mean I just want to work with people that value just creativity that's all it is naw mean I just don't want to work with just any anybody just cause label’s say so or naw mean or somebody thinking it might be a good idea naw mean I want to have an organic relationships naw mean with people I’m working with

Me: And ugh so I know you're a Harlem native and so is A$AP Rocky and he mentions a lot of the stuff like Givenchy and YSL and I know you do too so have you guys ever thought about collaborating maybe? Or

Vinny: I mean yea it seems like everybody wants us to do that I mean so like I got songs with people in the MOB already know what I mean, but I guess we have to tailor something me and Rocky know what I mean and really do something
Me: So what’s next for you? Where will we see Vinny Cha$e a year from now?

Vinny: Man where will we they see Vinny Cha$e a year from now I don't even know man things are happening so fast my dude its just like we just started rapping like my first video came out in August of last year naw mean so we came about this far in eight months or so so hopefully this next year ahead will treat us good you naw mean I just I’m grateful for everything that's going down naw mean

Me: How have you kind of reached out to get your sound out to the people I see you have tons of hits on YouTube and such but

Vinny: Yea I mean other than that I just try to keep it real like I tell people on Twitter and shit naw mean just cause I’m spitting luxury that don't mean that I’m Hollywood naw mean like I still holler at people I still retweet muthafuckas who I think is nice naw mean I just don't let nobody control me and I always try to be direct and reach out to people I really fuck with naw mean cause I know really if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be nobody dig what I’m saying so that's how I try to get the music out there besides radio and internet and all those mediums naw mean

Me: Going back to that I like quote me if I’m wrong, but you said luxury doesn't mean that you have money it means that you have taste

Vinny: Yea yea exactly you said it best right there luxury don't mean that you got money it means that you got taste naw mean right now we in the Mercer Hotel naw mean it's a pretty prestigious hotel in the city look around you naw mean everybody is tasteful that don't mean that everybody sitting in this lobby is a millionaire but everybody in here got some type of taste level even yourself naw mean like you didn't come outside wearing anything you care about what you do so that's luxurious right there

Me: Everything’s coordinated

Vinny: Exactly as long as you think about what you’re doing that's luxury there’s nothing wrong with striving for a better life there’s nothing wrong with that

Me: Ok that was pretty inspirational that kind of goes with my next question because I know on Boost The Sales you talk about how Camron told you keep it thorough so I was just wondering if you had any last words for the people just any message for us

Vinny: Yea man just for people trying to do this shit I don't think y’all realize how possible it is naw mean like I came from a background of doing film and music was the last thing I thought I was going to do in my life and just me being dedicated and having good people around me were achieving a lot in a short space of time its not impossible for you to do naw mean from anywhere like fuck a coast naw mean fuck an East coast or a West coast sound its just music naw mean its all America do it like that and you’ll be alright

Me: Alright well thank you Vinny it was nice meeting you and appreciate the interview

Vinny: I got you bro

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